My garden blog filled with beautiful flowers and trees, seasonal fruits and vegetables, clever ideas and tips and just wonderful gardens. Like so many I adore gardens, however I am not a garden expert, this garden blog is purely for pleasure showcasing beautiful gardens that I am lucky to explore. I would like to share with you a small part of my life living through each season in many lovely gardens in the Southern Highlands and country areas of NSW, Australia

Styling Magazine

Styling Magazine - Volume 2 - 2014

Volume No.2 2014 of Styling Magazine is now online ... I really hope you enjoy reading it.
We are celebrating the Garden ... the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees,
and all those that are inspired by and attracted to gardens, artists, poets, cooks and designers, you and me.

Through history, the garden has been the most  inspirational place on this planet.
Click on any of the the photographs to open and read. 
Xx Coty

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Hello everyone ... and Happy New 2014
May your year be a wonderful year,
filled with good health, happiness
and an abundance of creative fun.
And... may all your (secret) dreams come true for you this year. 
xx Coty
Come with us in this issue
as we revisit the stories from 
our first year of publishing in 2013.
We chose some of your favourites and a few of ours. 
It was a trip down memory lane as we flipped through over 2’000 pages and many thousands of photographs.
We have blended and mixed the pictures and stories together, there is no rhyme or reason, other than to say it is our own little scrap book. Enjoy!
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Styling Magazine - August issue now on line!

Hi everyone, 
Welcome to the August issue of Styling magazine where we are celebrating the divine feminine energy of Mother Earth, Mother Mary, the angelic realm and our feminine ancestors that paved the way for who we are today. We honour the feminine skills and hand work that have created tapestries, rich embroidery, ballet costumes and lacework. There are over twenty pages in the heart of the magazine where we have gathered a visual feast of the most beautiful and inspiring selection of paintings inspired by the work of the Cuzco School, Peru, together with textiles, all created from the beauties and colours of Mother Earth and nature.   
Spring is starting to arrive here in the Southern Highlands and the air is smelling of blossoms and as I write this letter there a gentle falling of snow, not much, but very pretty to see. 
I hope you enjoy this issue... and please share it with your friends!  Click here to read.
Xx Coty

Styling Magazine - Styling Gardens

Welcome to the July issue of Styling magazine, 
an issue dedicated to fine details and the search 
of wonderful vintage treasures. Inspiration for this
 issue comes from a world that many of us live in, 
especially stylists, ‘the world of collecting’.  
The   thrill of finding a hand made object, 
a vintage dress or an artwork.
I hope you enjoy this latest issue, 
and I would love you to share us
with your family and friends . xx Coty

Styling Magazine - June Issue - Capturing the Beauty Within

Welcome to the June issue of Styling magazine, 
an issue dedicated to flowers and filled with stories on people 
that emerse themselves into the heart of the flower.   
We travel to the home and workplace of Dimitri Weber, 
perfume expert & designer and good friend of Styling contributor, Christiane de Bièvre
then on to Sharon Santoni, from My French Country Home who shares 
with us her friend, Madame de Romilly’s 
Château de Miserey in Normandy. A garden filled with roses 
inspired by hell, purgatory and heaven.  
I know I would like to sit in the heaven part, it’s just beautiful.
 The heart of the magazine is filled with flowers, 
all sorts, all varieties, real and fake, all for you and from my heart. 
Lisa Porter, from The Lisa Porter Collection shares her feelings about gardening 
and links to a special hand picked group of garden gurus. 
I visit the country home of a good friend 
and have tea with her and her hundreds of dolls. 
The rest we have filled with inspiration.  
I thank everyone who has contributed and helped me put this together. 
 I am always amazed at the generosity and the grace that comes through for each issue.
Thank you Sharon, Christiane, Lisa, Lindsay, Bec, Marsha and Thomas.
The stories behind the stories are beautiful and quite emotional and
this will be an issue that I will remember forever!  
I do hope you all enjoy reading our June issue,
and please, please share with your friends and family.     Xx Coty


Old country gardens, wonderful stonework, beautiful old trees and new buds. Ponds full of fish and floating flowers.

Wonderful colours and shapes throughout the season, gardens filled with blooms, gardens filled with colour.

Seasonal blooms, flower work, inspiring garden designs, fields full of flowers that makes person like me what to go and pick every single flower and fill lots of old baskets.

Some of my artwork, I love to paint flowers and gardens and I always paint on huge canvases, this painting I worked with charcoal and paint.

Lots and lots of interesting ideas and images throughout each season.

Great garden tools, clever gardening tips and links to makers of fine tools