My garden blog filled with beautiful flowers and trees, seasonal fruits and vegetables, clever ideas and tips and just wonderful gardens. Like so many I adore gardens, however I am not a garden expert, this garden blog is purely for pleasure showcasing beautiful gardens that I am lucky to explore. I would like to share with you a small part of my life living through each season in many lovely gardens in the Southern Highlands and country areas of NSW, Australia

Wonderful Wisteria and the delicious colour purple

I look at these gorgeous Wisteria flowers and they just make me want to create, create all sorts of things. Nature is amazing and as a designer and stylist I cannot tell how wonderful I feel when I am outdoors, especially when the flowers are blooming. My natural instinct is to cut the flowers and find some amazing vessel or vase and create a wonderful flower arrangement and then photograph it. Or to get out my drawing pad and design a gown or some costumes for the stage or use them "now" for a wonderful entrance for a wedding for someone special

My family home in Sydney where I grew up had a huge Wisteria vine growing up a tree in our front garden. This lovely figurine above belongs to my Mother and I remember decorating the Wisteria on the mantle in our living room next to her. It just looked gorgeous and I can still see it today. I think I did the same arrangement in the same vase every year as a young girl. I just copied my Mother's arrangement and I'm sure she did the same one as well each year.

The colours are perfect, the many different tones are perfect, they are perfect. I just want to paint them now. I just wished they stayed out for a little longer than a couple of weeks.

I am sharing this favourite flower of mine today with Susan's Outdoors Wednesday Party. Please pop over to Susan's blog to see more wonderful gardens at http://www.asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/

Stop press: New Image .....I couldn't resist taking a photograph this morning, so I jumped out of my car in a busy street in Bowral and stole some Wisteria from some one's gorgeous garden just to photograph it in this old green glass comport. Oh dear, I hope no one recognised me!

and I have also joined in on Julia's Hooked on Fridays blog party, you should visit and see this cute little cottage that she is posting today and all the gorgeous other blogger stories.

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  1. First blue, now purple. The wisteria is georges, indeed!

  2. All your pictures are so fantastic. Beautiful flowers and decorations. Stunning mosaics.
    Have a nice day.
    Riet, The Netherlands

  3. We have a teeny tiny wisteria that I planted last year...wish mine were like YOURS!!!!

    My Wednesday meme photo is now posted. Come on over......

  4. Your flowers and your post are lovely. You've done some wonderful work with your camera. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this all together for us. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Magnificent mosaics. The colors are breathtaking and the flowers are stunning...I enjoyed this post very much. Come by to see me when you can...
    xo bj

  6. What absolutely beautiful mosaics! You have a lovely blog! I love wisteria and come next spring, I hope to plant some when I redo my yard.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us!

    ~ Tracy

  7. I've been seeing quite a few mosaics around lately, but this is just breathtaking. The flowers really make this piece. Why don't you frame it? Let me know at Furniture and Design Ideas. I've stumbled upon a frame that would be great to feature a mosaic like this.


  8. This is my first visit to your garden-styling blog. Here on the west coast of the USA fall has arrived... but now you've made me long for spring again! But spring is months away for me... so I'll just have to follow your summer until then. (: xx Vicki

  9. Ooooh, beautiful flowers!! Blue hydrangeas are my very favourite flower, but I think wisterias have moved into spot #2!!

    Purple is most definitely the most delicious colour :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  10. How the purple resplendance takes me back. Before I move to the American SW Desert ( blasted economy)I lived in the Midwest, Michigan & there my bungalow had a glorious brick patio tucked in the niche of an addtion & the high wooden fence. Trellised with wisteria growing From the moment I crept around back to find the old brick pavers with moss in between & wisteria. I bought the house.
    I miss my piece of heavenly haven & the bounty.
    Gracious gratitudes for the a lovely reminder.


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