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I love green and white

I am still fluffing over my Christmas tree and dining table decorations and I hope to finish today so that I can post it before Christmas comes and goes. I have been making some different style decorations this year and it is taking me a little longer than planned.

I have always loved green and white table settings, white flowers with green, especially set in a garden under the shade of a gorgeous tree. It is particularly hot today and any shade is welcome especially an old willow tree. So just like Susan at Between naps on the Porch, I have a few old Christmas images and some new ones to share today.

Have a happy day, please pop back in a couple of days to see my Christmas decorations in my home. and 'Happy Tablescape Thursday' to everyone x Coty


  1. Beautiful Coty! Green and white are so refreshing and it is nice to see something that is green besides an evergreen...such as the big willow. Your table is stunning, as is your photography. Beautiful!


  2. so gorgeous, its nice to see your holiday, very gentle and serene~

  3. What beautiful photos! It's such a treat to stop by here and see the things you've come up with. Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations! :-)

  4. Ahhhhh! So beautiful! I love looking through your lens!

  5. HI Coty
    I too am keen to see your decorations.. I know it will be stunning. Your wonderful photos today are just what I need after today's heat. 40c up here! Can I just sit a while near that stream??? hehe

    I'll be back soon to check on that tree. xx Julie

  6. Dear Coty,

    I remain your ardent fan and admirer. Every time I visit, I scroll down ... and back up ... and down again. So much beauty to absorb ... such inspiration! I'm very much looking forward to seeing your Christmas tree.

    Warmest regards,

  7. Coty-I am missing seeing green--thanks for showing us yours! What are those lovely flowers the deer is munching on? I am SO SO excited about your nomination--you deserve it!!! I wish I could vote! Please keep us posted and congratulations. Hope you will join Deck the Halls on Tuesday :)

  8. I love the fresh coolness of green and white. And, you always create perfection.

    Those deer are gorgeous.

  9. Coty, coming to see your photos on your blog always makes me feel so serene, and this post is no exception. Simple, extraordinary beauty. I do hope you post your Christmas decor. I REALLY want to see it. laurie

  10. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone I'm up this late Coty. I just had to visit you before turning in. I love the green and white, so crisp.
    I am drooling over the bronze metal reindeer pc.
    I love, love, love strong pcs like that with soft greens and tender petals.
    Must get sleep now. Nite.


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