My garden blog filled with beautiful flowers and trees, seasonal fruits and vegetables, clever ideas and tips and just wonderful gardens. Like so many I adore gardens, however I am not a garden expert, this garden blog is purely for pleasure showcasing beautiful gardens that I am lucky to explore. I would like to share with you a small part of my life living through each season in many lovely gardens in the Southern Highlands and country areas of NSW, Australia

Beautiful Greens, Seasonal Changes and some open Gardens in the Southern Highlands this weekend - The Southern Highlands Botanical Gardens

As many of you in the United States and Europe head into the warmer seasons of the year,
we here in the Australia are heading towards Winter. 
As you may know, I'm out photographing gardens
and homes most days and I am especially noticing the changes
in our wonderful shady trees that are changing right now.

So I decided this morning that I would celebrate the
 wonderful colour green,
ever changing green gardens, fabulous green glassware and china,
 green vintage paintings, green interiors,
and just the sheer inspiration
that we get from the colour green.


Open Gardens this weekend

Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens

There are some very special and beautiful gardens open
this coming weekend here in the Southern Highlands. 

The Gardens

 Bruce Rosenberg's beautiful property, Yarrawa in Burrawang (above)
(I have photographed Bruce's garden for my book and garden blog...coming soon)

  Carisbrooke in Bowral
  Linden Cottage in Bowral,
 Vine Cottage in Burradoo
 Quindalup in Sproules Lane, Bowral
 Prittlewell in Bodycotts Lane Fitzroy Fall

Rain or Shine......It is well worth the trip to see these gardens,
 even if you can jump on a plane from Sweden or New York...come along.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
x Coty

Southern Highlands Botanical Gardens website click here
(Entry $20.00 per head for all six gardens or $5.00 individual garden)


and a little more green.........just because I love it so..
one of my very favourite clients to have worked with over the years 
and such an incredible company
Hermes Paris
Just look at these fabulous green ads, wow...isn't it wonderful what green can do!

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  1. Wonderful, I could spend all day here. I'm enraptured with your beautiful work.


  2. Dag coty, erg leuk om je blog te bekijken, wij hebben hier in Nederland ook een heerlijke tuin, 600 vierkante meter . Wij genieten enorm van het voorjaar, alles komt weer boven, van tulp tot annemoon. Vind het leuk om je te volgen, ben benieuwd . Groet,

    Marieke uit Nederland.

  3. Hi Coty,

    Your blog is a constant source of inspiration for me. Whenever I am feeling a bit so so I look at your blog and am instantly uplifted. Cheers,


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