My garden blog filled with beautiful flowers and trees, seasonal fruits and vegetables, clever ideas and tips and just wonderful gardens. Like so many I adore gardens, however I am not a garden expert, this garden blog is purely for pleasure showcasing beautiful gardens that I am lucky to explore. I would like to share with you a small part of my life living through each season in many lovely gardens in the Southern Highlands and country areas of NSW, Australia

Styling Magazine No.2

The January issue of Styling magazine is now on line
and available for everyone to read, for free.

White and New Beginnings

Andrew and I have had such a wonderful and overwhelming response to the first issue
that we have decided that we would like to share this magazine with everyone for free.

People have been coming to the studio to see me and look at the magazine 
and they're bringing photographs to show me of their homes and gardens.

Over the last couple of weeks since Christmas our studio has been a very busy place 
as we all worked to complete Styling magazine no.2. 

I received this lovely message below from a friend this week saying, 
I love the path you're on! and you know, I think she is right,
my heart feels that I am definitely on the right path.


Dear Coty, the purest of intention shines through all of your work.
I love the path you're on!  God Bless you on your path.


Another reader sent me a message saying  

Hi Coty , So looking forward to reading this . 
Your beautiful blog and photography inspired me 
to buy property in The Southern Highlands. 
I purchased a lovely 5 acre block in Canyonleigh
 last September!  

And another reader invited me to London to have tea!

 Wouldn't that be fabulous!  ... maybe one day.

To read the new Styling magazine just go to my blog
and click on the cover.  You can also read (for free) our first issue,
Christmas & Celebrations.

We hope you enjoy Styling 
and we would just love it if you shared  
our new magazine with your family and friends.

x Coty and Andrew


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  1. And, now we meet Andrew, how wonderful, Coty. You should be so proud of yourselves with this 2nd beautiful & inspirational publication. I'm sending it to everyone I know...seriously. Big congrats !!


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